About B-Walle

We believe in technology and in creating great things, so we present you a unique platform to make payments through your phone. Not just making payments but to make you eligible to avail great offers on various brands and other products.

B-walle is now available for you to make payments, transfer money, recharge your phone, pay bills & especially buy fuel.

Why Us

We want to boost your purchasing power. Our mission is to make more quantity available to you for purchase at same price prevailing in the market. At B-walle we create more value for your money with enhanced purchasing power at the same time we offer you a super secure channel for making digital payment more easily available in your hands through e wallet services.

Technology has always brought revolutionary changes to our lives so we do believe in making changes for good and making adoption of technology for better life standards. Digital payments and online purchases are differentiating the way we live today. So to make this adoption of technology more efficiently and comfortably we present you the powerful tool to make monitory transactions in most secure manner.

B-walle is a unique and super secure mobile wallet platform which boost your purchasing power by letting you make payments super quick at the same time boosting your purchasing power by offering more quantity available for purchase at same price. The more you spent, more will get back to you.